As an engineer, I love finding solutions to problems. Especially when those solutions can really make a difference in people’s lives. So when I heard of biking friends being stranded miles from home with a dead battery or having to push up a long hill because their battery wasn’t powerful enough, I wanted to find a perfect solution. Bigger batteries are available, but they’re VERY expensive. Plus it’s wasteful to replace the expensive existing stock battery and replace it with something even more expensive.

So why not just add to the existing stock battery instead? Just like adding an extra battery to a flashlight to make the bulb burn brighter or longer , a Booster Battery connected to the stock battery can add more power or greater range.

Our first products are Booster Batteries that each fit right inside the triangle frame box of the very popular Sondors eBikes. We have both Power Boosters – that provide more hill-climbing power – and Range Boosters – that allow the bikes to go a greater distance on a single charge. These Booster Batteries will come with everything needed to connect up to the existing Sondors battery, including all cables and even a special charger for the Power Booster.

We’ll be adding other products over time to help make your Sondors eBike more usable. Such as hard-to-find items like gearing and racks and fenders. But we’ll soon add additional booster batteries for other bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, and maybe someday even for cars!

Keep on ridin’!