Range Booster

For both Sondors Original (Fat) and Thin bikes!

Boost the RANGE of your Sondors Fat or Thin eBike 33% with this Range Booster. Not only will you be able to ride greater distances, but your speed and power will also last longer.
If you can ride 30 miles with your stock battery, you can now go up to 40 miles before charging! When you start running low on power, simply switch to your reserve Range Booster.

Range Boosters use the same high-quality Panasonic or Samsung 18650 cells just like your standard battery. Installs in just minutes and is completely enclosed in the triangular battery compartment. Comes complete with battery, cables, and all instructions. Simply recharge using your Sondors charger.

What’s in the box?

The Power Booster comes with everything you need to install and use within minutes of opening the box.

  • The Range Booster Battery with an XT60 connector
  • An XT60 to 5.5mm 36V charger connector
  • All wires and connectors to connect into your existing battery to the Booster Battery XT60, along with a switch to select the “main” battery and the “reserve” Booster Battery.
  • Installation instructions

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